My country in Africa is Nigeria, home to many people.

General Information

  • The absolute area is 10 00 degrees N by 8 00 degrees E.
  • The area is 356,669. (sq miles)
  • There are 4 countries that border Nigeria witch is Benin, Cameroon, Chad, And Niger.
  • The Capitol is Abuja.
  • The official language is English.
  • The name of money is Naira.


  • The population is 174,507,539.
  • The ethnic groups is composed of more than 250.
  • The literacy rate is 65%.
  • The life expectancy is 48.
  • Life in the Country

    • The type of foods they eat is mostly cassava, yams, and rise.
    • The religions that are practiced in the country is Muslim North and Christion South.
    • The only holiday is Independence day. (Day Oct. 1)
    • One fact about kids that live in Nigeria is that when i child looses there tooth

    holding their tooth in their fist with eight stones to make a total of nine (a girl will hold six stones and her tooth to make seven). Next, they close their eyes and say their name out loud, count to the number in their fist, and say Oh, I want my tooth back! Then they throw them and run away. It is very important to run away. The most funniest part of it is that they should not allow Lizard to see them when they want to do it.

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