District Spam Filter

Managing Your Quarantine Inbox

Microsoft Spam Filter quarantines messages that contain information the system sees as spam. It provides users the ability to check quarantined messages, classify messages as spam and not spam, and manage blocking email addresses. You can access your account through MyGC portal using your district sign in and password.
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Using the Quarantine Interface

When your unable to locate a missing email in your inbox and it is not located in your Junk folder, your next place to look will be your SPAM folder. Once on your Microsoft Spam, it will automatically take you to your Quarantine email.

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By default, the folder will show emails from the last 30 days. If the message your looking for does not show up, click on the Filter button.
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Release Email

Once you have located the email you were looking for, click on it.
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A preview of the emails information will pop up, and at the top left hand corner you will see Release Email. Clicking this will send you to a page that reads "Release email to recipients inboxes", click release message. It will them show you a confirmation letting you know the email has been released to your inbox.

Block/ Delete Email

If you see an email in your quarantine that you know is a recipient you do not wish to receive emails from you also have the the option to Block them. Once again you will click on the email you want to see, this will bring up the email preview. On the right hand side you will see 3 ..., click on it and it will give you the option to Delete from quarantine or Block sender.

Deleting an email from quarantine will completely remove the email.

Blocking a sender will send any future emails from this recipient to your Junk folder.

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After 30 days

Emails that remain untouched in your quarantine folder will be deleted after 30 days.