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December 2015

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Judson Library on Social Media

The Judson Library is trying to reach as many students as possible. One of the ways to do that is on Social Media. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Tweets will include activities in the library and book recommendations. Instagram will have the visual equivalent.

We're also on Goodreads: Judson Library

Twitter: @RocketLibrary1 Instagram: Judson_Library

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Library Happenings

Crime Scene in the Library

Mr. Acosta's Criminal Justice classes investigate a crime scene in the library.
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New Library Website

The Judson Library now has a new, additional library website called the Judson Library Hub. Here you will find extra research resources, library news, and the library blog. Please stop by and check it out! Don't forget to share it with your students.

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Hour of Code

The library will be hosting an Hour of Code on Friday, December 12th, during all lunches/advisories. There will be Star Wars and Minecraft tutorials. It's sure to be loads of fun. Feel free to send students on a pass to participate.

Tech Tip: Google Search

Search within a specific kind of site. If you know you only want results from an educational site, try "site:edu" or for a government site, try "site:gov" and your search term to get results only from sites with those web addresses.

Avoid ".com" websites with a questionable provenance and advertisements by using this simple search tip.

Rocket Book Club: Where Reading is a Blast!

Thursday, Jan. 28th 2016 at 11:30am

Judson Library

The inaugural meeting of the Rocket Book Club will take place on January 28th during 4th period. Our genre choice for this month is Fantasy. Students and teachers can choose any book within the genre to share. Please encourage students to attend. Teachers, I'd love for you to stop by as well.

More information can be found at the Judson Library Hub.


Please remember:
  • Students must be on an official library pass to enter the library. Passes can be found on the T: Drive under Library.
  • Unless it is a newly registered student, IDs will only be made before school.