CHAMPS Mentor Update

Stephanie Kinman's CHAMPS Mentors

Follow Up After the New Year!

Greetings CHAMPS mentors!!

I wanted to take the time to follow up with everyone after the holiday.

Some of you I have reached out to and have not gotten a response. I know things were busy with the holidays however, if you are no longer interested in being a CHAMPS Peer Mentor please let me know by emailing me HERE

  • If you have completed training and are currently waiting for a mentee, have no fear I will be pairing you up by the end of the week!

  • If you have completed training and have not completed your BIO I will not be able to pair you with anyone until you do. Click here for an example.

  • If you have been paired with a mentee and are struggling to connect with them please let me know and you can be repaired with a new mentee as we are conducting pairings this week.

  • If you have been in contact with your mentee please do not forget to turn in your Progress Reports so we can track your progression in the program and mail you a certificate of completion when you finish.

Please follow up with a response to this email with one of the following

  1. I am no longer interested in the CHAMPS program
  2. I am having trouble connecting with my mentee
  3. I am ready to be paired
  4. Mentor Bio with professional head shot (not in uniform)
  5. Updated email and phone number (many have switched to using their
  6. you can also leave a comment at the bottom of this flyer letting me know you are still interested and share with others why you are in the CHAMPS Program.

My phone number is P / 866.974.5700 X / 20749 if you have any questions or follow up that you would like to discuss.

Email is

I look forward to scheduling a training with all of us to meet in the Adobe Connect room in the near future. Thank you for your patience as we roll this program into the new year.

C.H.A.M.P.S. Program Mentor - Sarina Tortoriello / Ashford University