tyrannosaurus rex

the best team ever

Did you know?

T-rex was the biggest meat eating dinosaur.

T-rex run as fast as a car outside of school (around 40kph).

The girls were bigger than the boys.

T-rex's eyes were at the front of his face to help him catch his prey.

'Rex' means 'king', 'tyrannosaur' means 'tyrant lizard'.

T-rex ate other dinosaur.

T-rex dinosaurs were older than people.

Tyrannosuarus Rex was 12 metres long.

The T-rex was as big as a bus.

He had 58 sharp teeth.

His teeth were as long as a school ruler (30cm).

He two fingers on each hand.

If one of his teeth broke another one would grow.

Around 65 million years ago they disappeared.

They in Australia, North America and Asia.

They laid eggs.

Their brain was large to help them see, hear and smell.

When they laid the eggs they put them in a circle like birds do today.

If he fell down and landed on his head he could die.

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