The Group6 interview

An interview with the kidnappers from the Mr.legend book.

The Interview

Dave: So Group6 why did you kidnap Swifty?

Group6:well..., he insulted us and called us chicken on the news

Dave: Oh i see...,

Group6: we were also paided to kidnap swifty

Dave: who paided you to kidnap Swifty

Group6: we are mercenaries right? We work for the highest bidder,but we never reveal the bidder.

Dave: oh but did he tell you why he wanted you to kidnap swifty,no?

Group6: actually yes. He wanted us to kidnap Swifty because he wanted revenge on him

Dave: But why did you hide in the police department basement??

Group6: well, we hid in the basement because that was the only place we thought he wouldn't look

Dave: why did the Zodiac Tribe help you?

Group6; we said we would give them half the money the bidder is paying if they help

Dave: so let me guess, they said yes?

Group6: yup dave!

Dave: i am not a baby...

Group6; WE KNOW!

Dave: okay i am just gonna get going now. see ya later folks!

Group6: thanks for having us on the midnight show

Audience: No problem!

Group6: well back to jail we go!

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