SPS RN Fall 2020 Newsletter

2nd Ed.

Happy Fall!

This year has most definitely been a year of adventures so far. The SPS RN Team appreciates our SPS staff and families who have been working with us to keep our students healthy and in school. Please continue to follow the guidelines with physical distancing, hand hygiene, and staying home when not feeling well. Schools continue to not be a major source of COVID-19 spread due to the collective approaches of prevention by the schools and community. Please reach out to your school nurse with any school health related concerns.

With gratitude,

Danielle Gallan, MSN-PH, RN

Flu Clinic 12/12/2020 at OMS

SPS is hosting a flu clinic from 9am to 1pm on Saturday 12/12/20 at OMS (211 Cushing Street). This clinic is open to those 3 years of age and older. To sign up see info below:

Clinic ID: CI105607

Clinic Registration Link for Participants: Click here to register

Multi-Patient Clinic Registration:Access the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler, search by Clinic ID (number in red above), enter the access code below OR primary contact email.

Multi-Patient Company Code: CC10806527

Flu Vaccine Requirements:

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, per the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the influenza vaccine or an exemption will be required for all students by December 31, 2020.

The exemption form can be found here: https://www.stoughtonschools.org/sites/g/files/vyhlif3856/f/pages/sps_immunization_exemption.pdf

Any questions or concerns on the influenza vaccine should be directed to your school nurse.


Danielle Gallan, MSN-PH, RN, Supervisor of Health Services~ 781-344-4000 ext 51264


Suzanne Barrett, BSN, RN, NCSN Stoughton High School~ 781-344-7001 ext 2131


Donna Kaplan, MEd, BSN, RN, South Elementary School~ 781-344-7004 ext 2


Sue McDonnell, BSN, RN, NCSN, O’Donnell Middle School~ 781-344-7002 ext 6161


Sheray Williams, BSN, RN, Gibbons Elementary School~ 781-344-7008 ext 2


Jennifer Slade, BSN, RN, Dawe Elementary School~ 781-344-7007 ext 2


Emilie Driscoll, BSN, RN, Wilkins Elementary School~ 781-344-7005 ext 2


Theresa Staulo, BSN, RN, Hansen Elementary School~ 781-344-7006 ext 2


Noelia Woodward, BSN, RN, Jones Early Childhood Center~ 781-344-7003 ext 3


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Fire Safety

Below are some helpful fire safety tips to prevent fires and burns.

1. Don’t play with matches or lighters (keep out of reach of children)

2. Run extinguished matches under water before discarding

3. Never leave candles burning

4. Don’t over-plug

5. Don’t play near fireplaces or stoves

6. Keep flammable objects away from the stove

7. If an alarm goes off, you need to get low and get out, crawl to safety

8. STOP, DROP, and ROLL if clothes catch on fire

9. Leave your belongings

10. Don’t use an elevator

11. Never hide in closets or under beds

12. Once in a safe place, call 911

Helpful Tips for a Successful School Year

Stay Hydrated

Since water bubblers are no longer available for use, please remember to send a water bottle to school with your child. Water bottles can be refilled at the water bottle stations. Increasing water intake may prevent dehydration headaches caused by exercise and mask wearing.

Snack Time

If your child is in preschool or elementary school, they have snack time at school. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack every in-person school day. Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, halved grapes, apples, oranges, vegetables with hummus, yogurt, veggie sticks, or cheese sticks are some ideas for snacks.

Change of Clothes

Also, please send in a change of clothes(pants, long sleeved shirt, socks, and underwear) in your child’s backpack, in case of spills or accidents.

Dress for the Weather

As the weather becomes colder, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately and wears a jacket or a coat to school. (in the colder months also brings gloves and a hat in their backpack). Please label all clothing.


Remember to have your child wear a face covering to school. Please launder the cloth face covering EVERY DAY after your child comes home from school. If possible, please send your child to school with a few face coverings so that if one becomes wet or soiled, they have extras at school in their backpack. Make sure your child wears the face covering over their mouth and nose.


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