Great Depression

A who, what, when, where, and how on the Great Depression

A summary of the great depression

The Great Depression began because of a stock market crash in 1929. Many people lost their jobs. Banks went bankrupt and had to close. People the city starved and lived on the streets. Franklin D. Roosevelt made programs to help end the Great Depression. The Great Depression ended in about 1939.

Fun facts (not fun really)

  • 13-15 million people were unemployment during the Great Depression thats 15 followed by six zeros (
  • The ratio of unemployed dark skinned workers was even greater than their white counterparts (landenberg).
  • The great depression was actually worldwide, a global event, not just in America (Pells).
  • Great Depression actually began in Germany. That was were the stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression started (Pells).
  • People in the city starved while people the country didn't have the money to harvest their crops (Nishi).


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