Dry Aged Steak Easily at Home

Benefits Of Dry Aging Beef in Refrigerator

If you a regular steak consumer you will understand the difference in taste that is sometimes observed. Even if you are buying from same food store, the difference is taste is sometimes so stark that it raises a doubt on quality. Some user might even relate it to basic planning if they have some good knowledge about cooking. However, the distinction in taste of steak depends on the manner in which it has been aged prior food preparation. Best restaurants always acquire beef that has been refrigerated at a very controlled temperature for at least twenty one days. There are a lot of perks of using dry aged beef. In the write up we will be looking at some of those.

The first benefit of dry aged beef is in its taste. The secret is higher is the age of stored beef better gets its favor. You can definitely make that out in one bite in any good restaurant. Maturing of beef basically brings out its flavor which otherwise remains camouflaged. The traditional beef growing process includes breaking down of muscles and tissues through enzymes which makes the piece much more savory and increases its tenderness. There are 2 ways of aging beef. The first one is traditional ones which means damp growing while the other one is dry aging. Both methods are equally successful and useful in bringing out the flavor of this thing.

Dry aging is presently one of the most widely used methods for beef preservation. Under this method, the beef is placed in vacuum sealed close bags which keep it safe from unwanted exposure to dust, dirt, and grime. After two or three weeks one can easily see the difference in its preference and texture. The next benefit for beef lies in its tenderness. The more aged the beef the more tender it is. You can take a soft bite in it and allow it to melt in your mouth slowly. Beef that hasn’t been aged correctly is very crunchy and pretty undesirable in taste. Therefore, a lot more people prefer eating aged beef than the other one.

The dry aging technique of steak was an age old technique which was updated with the introduction of vacuum packing in 1970s. Dry growing old is a pretty old technique under which primal beef cuts were aged somewhere between a period of 28-50 days. During this period, the outer segments of steak get tough and form a crust that saves the taste on the inner level.

There are a lot of other advantages of consuming aged beef. The aging process makes it more nutritious and compatible for the palate of majority of beef consumers. It is a very effective means that makes this meat way more delicious and savory. It is for this reason most restaurants and chefs prefer to use the aged beef. Both ways of aging it works in a supremely terrific manner and maker it more tastier and better.

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