10 Question Quiz!

Q: What is nationalism?

A: Political independence of a country.

Q: What is colonialism?

A: Forced control of one nation by another country.

Q: What is imperialism?

A: building up of an empire by taking over another's country.

Q: What is apartheid?

A: Separation by race.

Q: Who is Nelson Mandela?

A: First president in Africa.

Q: What is an example of European Imperialism?

A: British Empire.

Q: What was unique about Nigeria's independence.

A: They didn't have to fight Great Britain for it.

Q: How did Kenya fell about British rules?

A: They thought they were unfair.

Q: What two countries were colonized by Europe?

A: Liberia and Ethiopia.

Q: What secret organization was created to fight against British rule?

A: Maw Maw.

Time Line

1950- Independence from Europe Powers began it's move over the countries of Africa and its people.

1957- Ghana acheived independence from the United Kingdom.

1960- Nigeria struggles economically and politicaly since independence from Great Britain.

1963- Jomo Kenyatta became president.

1978- Jomo Kenyatta dies.

1980- Most of Africa was free from European rule.

1990- 100 hundred people were killed by Daniel arap Moi and prodemocracy protesters were imprisoned.

1991- International organizations imposed sanctions on Kenya until political and economical reforms were put in place.

1992- Outside organizations accused Kanu and Moi of rigging the elections.

2007- Kenya's president won re-election and violent protest erupted due to suspection of fraud.

News Paper

Poverty levels have been extremely high in Africa and started increasing ever since they gained their independence from European Law in the middle 1950's and the 1960's. (After World War II) Poverty is an extreme lack of food and a child dies every twelve seconds in Africa due to it. The low poverty is due to the very low economic growth in Africa. Africa has very little money to support economic growth and has many wars going on such as Civil Wars and Ethnic Wars. A Civil War is the fighting between two or more regions. An ethnic War is when Two or more different Ethnic groups have conflict or fighting within each other.

Africa may have many sad things going on, but it also is an amazing country and people are working hard to improve it.

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