5 Themes of Geography: Austin

By: Coco Greene


This picture shows the absolute location of Austin, Texas is 30º 16' N, 97º 44' W. This picture also shows you the relative location, which is near San Antonio and far from El Paso.


Austin is a very odd place , much different from the rest of Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas and is a perfect place and a very beautiful place to have it. Lake Austin is used for generating electricity, flood control, and is also very pretty to look at. As most of you know Austin has a great college to go to and a pretty decent college football team, and it is pretty famous for it's UT tower lighting up after winning a game or championship.


The Texas Longhorns have gone a long way to be able to say they are in the Big 12. they have some of the greatest football players that have won championship games for UT, and there have been horrible players that get kicked off the team. But Football has been a big thing for Austin, TX.

Human Environmental Interaction

This dam in Austin generates energy and keeps Lake Austin from flooding because the land is not the same height as Lake Travis, so there would be less land to build on. This is one of the many ways Austin has had an environmental interaction with it's geographical features.


Austin, as all of you should know, is in the southwest region. every other region think that the southwest region are all cowboys, but we aren't! the southwest region is separated only because it is dryer land and is a very flat kind of region.