3 for Thursday

September 25, 2014

1. How Repetition in Music Affects Your Thinking

Why do we listen to our favorite music over and over again? Because repeated sounds work magic in our brains. Cultures all over the world make repetitive music. Repeated exposure makes one sound seem to connect almost inevitably to another, so that when we hear ‘Here's my number, ‘So call me maybe immediately plays through our minds whether we like the song or not. Few spoken utterances contain such a distinct connection between one part and the next. So when we do want bits of speech to be tightly associated in this way – memorizing a list of the presidents, for example – we might set it to music, and we might repeat it.
Why we love repetition in music - Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis

2. ClassFlow

ClassFlow (by Promethean) allows you to create interactive lessons (think online flipcharts) that you can share with your students on their devices. Learn how to get started and attend a live or recorded webinar to learn more. The ClassFlow team has created dozens of featured lessons that can offer you and your students a great first experience and help you get some inspiration for your own lessons. You must register for a free account in order to have access to the featured lessons. See what the Ron Clark Academy has to say about ClassFlow.

3. Vizzywig

Vizzywig is an all-in-one video camera and editor that allows you to edit your movie while you capture the event (or after) by integrating editing tools and a live-timeline into the video capture preview interface. Import clips, add transitions, overlay snapshots and titles, set in/out points, split clips and even set background music while you capture the event. Regular $29.99, it is FREE TODAY.

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