Parliament House


The House Of Representatives/ Senant

Today I will be taking you for a tour in Australias Parliament House. There are two houses of Parliament, The House Of Representatives and the Senant. The House Of Representatives every day have an asembely called 'Question Time'. This is when the oposition say things the government did was wrong and must change. The House Of Representatives is green. The Senant disscus and make bill's a law fully. To make a bill a law, The Governor General must put his/her signature. the Governor General is a person who represents the queen. Our Governor General is Quentin Bryce. The Senant is red.

The Flag

The flag is 12.8 meters long and 6.8 meters wide. Thats the size of a double-decker bus! To get onto the flag pole, they use a special machine called 'AliMac' and is specially made for this particular job. If a flag gets ruind in a storm, it gets cut down peice by peice. The flag needs to be changed each day!