Overturn One-Child Policy

Tell China's government to get rid of the One-Child Policy

What is the One-Child Policy?

The One-Child Policy is a law in China that states that you are only allowed to have one child that is recognized by the government of China. This means that you can only send one child to school and only one child can have health insurance, hence the name One Child Policy. There is a loophole to this policy though. In China, they believe that males are the only people that are "exceptional". They are the only ones who turn out to be somewhat successful in China. If you have your first child and they are a girl, you can have them registered by the state and have another boy. If your second child is a boy you are fine and you can have two registered children, but if your second child is a girl, tough nuts. China does many outlandish things to make sure you do not go over the limit of children. In her article on the policy, Laura Fitzpatrik states "reports of abortion and sterilization are common." (Fitzpatrik, 1). My stance is simple, we must put an end to this foolish policy.

Why Overturn this?

The One-Child Policy in China violates more than one human right. Human rights are the rights that all people in the world are entitled to from birth to death. The One-Child Policy violates the human right to life shown in article 3, "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person" (UDHR, 1). This human right is being broken by the government of China forcing abortions on people if they already have a child that is a boy. They are taking away the "life" that the child would have had it been born. This policy also violates articles 25 and 26 of the UDHR which say every child is entitled to education and social protection. What I mean by this is if you have 2 children due to special circumstances such as having twins, only one child is recognized in China. That means that only one child has social security and only one child is allowed to get an education. In conclusion, the One-Child Policy in China should not be active because of the Universal Human Rights that it violates.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, tell those communists to put an end to the One-Child policy. Everyone wants to get rid of it, so why not join them?