The Home Front

The Effects of World War II


Success in the war required the total commitment of the nations resources.
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Economy and Government form a bond

The war which was carried out by the government created many jobs which boosted the economy.


To make sure that all of the soldiers on the war front would have enough food and supplies the citizens back on the home front were put under strict rations.

War Bonds and Income Tax

In order to finance the war the United States sold War Bonds and raised Income Taxes.

War Time Changes Businesses

Manufacturers stopped producing products such as cars and started producing products such as tanks and other things geared more towards war.

New Workforce

During World War II women and other minorities started to work in factories since most of the men were off fighting the war.


Citizens were encouraged to volunteer and help in any way they could.

The Draft

Since the military needed soldiers they enlisted the draft which required those selected to fight in the war.
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