What it takes to be a Hunting Guide

By: Dan Martinucci

What a person in this career does?

They go out into the woods with a person that wants to shoot their dream animal and you are the trained professional that will track the animal down so they can shoot it.

Why I chose this career?

I chose this career because I like being out in the woods and looking at all the different wildlife and plants there are and also being able to share this opportunity with others.

Experience/skills needed?

People called outfitters hire inexperienced people as "packers". They are airlifted to the site of a big game kill and their job is to pack out the meat or carry it to a place where a small plane can pick it up. It's hard work but that is how you gain the experience to become a hunting guide. You get to know the territory, weather, hunting conditions and some of the hunters.

Education needed?

You do not need any kind of degree but your hunter safety license and you have to be older than 18.

Branch of science?

Life Science, because it it dealing with living animals.

Something I found interesting

You get paid for being in the woods helping someone hunt.