Belgian Texans

By: Sashank

Map- Flag

Belgium is located beneath the Netherlands and to the left of Germany.

Push Factors

Maximilian- Carlota

The Belgians came to Texas because at the time in Europe there was a man named Maximilian and he ruled the Mexican Empire. His wife's name was Carlota a Belgian woman. When the Mexican Empire fell Carlota's country men were loyal to her so they went to Texas. They settled near the Rio Grande.

Settlement in Texas

Where they lived

When the Belgians came to Texas they lived mostly near the Rio Grande then later they moved to San Antonio and some in areas near Galveston, basically the coastal plains.
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Pull Factors


Well basically the only reason the Belgians came was because after the fall of the Mexican Empire the Belgians didn't have any government so the thought that by coming to Texas they could get a feel for the Texan government.

Cultural Highlights



Every year in July, the lavish Ommegang procession commemorates the tribute paid to Emperor Charles V and his VIP guests. Richly-colored costumes, horses, embroidered banners, flag throwing and stilt jousting - this big event inevitably ends in general funtion all around the Grand Place.

Carnival de Binche

For 3 days in February the town of Binche is transported back to the 16th century for a fantastic festival. Highlighted by music parades and fireworks, the peak of this event is when the Gilles appear on the Grand Place and throw oranges to the spectators. This infamous festivity has been classified by UNESCO along with its renowned Gilles.


This spectacular event takes place in March and is highlighted by the Blanc Moussi, which means ‘clad in white.’ Beginning on Sunday, the Blancs Moussis wander the streets of the town putting up their irreverent posters. In the afternoon they step out from the houses while staying on their floats and shower the crowds with confetti while flogging them with pork bladders.

Zinneke Parade

The Zinneke parade, also known as Big Z-Day, has been appearing annually on the streets of Brussels since the year 2000. It is a street opera of music, choreography, costumes and floats - all done without combustion engines or deafening music.

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Significant Induviduals

Princess Carlota

As I have told you previously Princess Carlota was the wife of Maximilian leader of the Mexican empire. She was basically the most important person for the Belgian Texans because without her the Belgians wouldn't have even came to Texas.



You should have been listening throughout the presentation because those who did get a treat!

1.Who was Princess Carlota?

2. What festival do they throw oranges to the spectators?

3. Where did the Belgians first when the came to Texas?

4. Why did the Belgians Come to Texas?


Affect on Texas

The Belgians didn't just affect Texas the affected the whole nation as a matter of fact. You all know what waffles are, well they originated from Belgium. Also when the old capital of Texas burned down the designs for the new capital were made by Belgian Texans, for that they even used Belgian imported materials like steel.

Evidence of the Belgians Today

There are many churches in Texas made with Belgian bricks, as a matter of fact the is a whole project of the Belgian Brick For St. Mary's which involved building churches.

Is Texas Better of with Immigration

Obviously because look around you right now there are so many different cultures of people from all around the world sitting right next to you. If it weren't for immigration we wouldn't have have got to taste different foods, meet new people, or even have diversity among the room.


Sashank K. G.T. Texas History Per.5 Belgian Texans