Stand Up For Yourself and Others

Jonathon Buhler Period 4-5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

My theme is, It is good to stand up for yourself and others even if you are small because it could help solve the problem. The two elements of fiction that develop the theme are the plot and the charachtarization. The theme is first shown when killer kane starts choking loretta lee and max says "I saw you do it". This shows that standing up for yourself can help the problem. The theme is also shown when freak comes in the room. Freak tricks killer kane and Max and freak get away. This shows that standing up for others can help the problem. That is how the theme is developed.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the author's theme because standing up for what you believe in does help the problem. The theme can be realivent to my generation by standing up to bullies. Standing up to bullies helps the problem most the time and it normally works when you are small. The theme was developed well because it was used many times through out the story. The theme was also good because it applys to a lot of things in the story. It also always helped the problem. The theme can also apply to life by standing up to people that say you are wrong. Also the theme can be relivent to my genaration by helping others when they have a problem.


At the beginning of the book max has no friends and he is just a bad kid. Then a new kid moves into Max's neighborhood and his name is Kevin but, Max calls him Freak. Freak and max become friends. They have lots of experiences together and become best friends. Then max gets kidnapped on Christmas eve. On Christmas day freak is looking for Max and goes to the police. Loretta Lee comes and tries to save max but, Killer Kane starts choking her and Max stands up for himself and his dad stops choking her but then he starts choking Max. Freak comes in and tricks Killer Kane. They get away and Killer Kane goes to jail. On freaks birthday freak has a secure and dies. That is the summary of the book.