Superintendent's Newsletter

May/June 2019

Dear MUSD Community,

Dear MUSD Community,

The next monthly newsletter wasn’t scheduled until June. With all the exciting events coming up in the next two weeks and other important information to share with our community, we just couldn’t wait until June!

Two important notes for this week. First, today was “Red for Ed” day and employees of public schools across the state wore red to make a statement and advocate for more funding from our state for public schools.Thanks to all who continue to support advocacy for increased funding for our students and our schools. Second, this week is Classified School Employees Week. A huge thanks and shout-out to our classified employees who are the backbone of our entire district. Without their commitment and support our schools simply wouldn’t run the way they do each and every day. Thanks to all our CSEA members in MUSD!

After we finish this week, there are only two weeks of the school year remaining and that last week is always full of special events, promotions, graduations, and other activities that mark the time for celebration for students, staff, and families. An early congratulation to our graduating seniors from Alhambra, Vicente, and Briones, we are all proud of you and can't wait to see your future accomplishments!

There is so much work and dedication that goes on in each school and classroom throughout the school year. Thanks to all of our incredible staff who work so hard to ensure students are provided a great learning experience. Congratulations to our students who have put in the work over the past year to become better students and better individuals. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to our parents who have helped get kids to school when they were tired, who got homework out of the bottom of backpacks to make sure it was completed and turned in on time, and thanks to all families that have been involved throughout the year with supporting our schools. I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming graduations, promotions, and other end of the year activities across MUSD.

Please be sure to read the important sections below which include information about MUSD’s newest Board Member, information about new administrators hired in MUSD, and some additional information about Martinez Junior High School.


CJ Cammack

Superintendent of Schools

Jeremie Ginelli Selected As New Board Member For MUSD

Mr. Jeremie Ginelli was appointed to the MUSD School Board on Monday, May 20, 2019. Jeremie was selected from a pool of five fantastic applicants and I am sure you will join me in welcoming Jeremie to this new role.. In the coming weeks, Mr. Ginelli will be meeting with staff and visiting some school sites throughout MUSD, as well as participating in some end of the year activities. Welcome to Mr Ginelli and thanks to all the applicants who had the courage and commitment to submit their name for consideration. (Photo credit: Martinez Gazette)

Updated Information for Martinez Junior High School

Martinez Junior High School is a great school, full of committed and dedicated staff that want the very best for students. MJHS is also full of great students who are making great choices and demonstrating high levels of character.

Recent concerns about MJHS have been shared within our community, with our elected School Board Members, and with me as Superintendent. Those concerns have been heard and actions are moving forward through the close of this year to provide more support and in preparation for a successful start to the 2019-2020 school year.

I’ve been on the campus, almost daily, since the beginning of May and have been able to work directly with staff and students. This time on campus has confirmed for me that there are many great things happening throughout the school. It has also helped me gain insight as to how we might address areas of concern. Our Board of Education, during a recent Board of Education meeting, directed district staff to bring forward an action plan to address concerns and to make improvements related to bullying and school climate for students at MJHS. This action plan is being developed currently and will be presented to our Board of Education on June 10th duing the next Board of Education Meeting. As that action plan is developed, conversations are taking place with staff members, school leadership, students, and parents from our community, to help ensure that diverse perspectives are gathered and heard prior to rolling out any action plans.

Recently, we have increased supervision across the school site and implemented some additional structures and systems to address circumstances when student conduct is not meeting expectations. These changes have already shown some benefits but there is still work to be done. Thanks to all members of our community who continue to use the Say Something Anonymous Reporting system. Reports through that system are 100% anonymous and thanks to those committed to doing the right thing and reporting concerns they see, we’ve been able to identify students and intervene when needed when conduct is not aligned with the goal of building and maintaining a safe school climate for all students.

Thanks to all the parents who have reached out to me directly and those who have taken the time to meet with me. In 13 years working in MUSD, I’ve always been able to sit down and meet with a parent(s) and that is one of the things I love about our community and our schools. If you have questions you’d like to discuss with me, please, feel free to contact me at your convenience.

New Faces in New Places for 2019-2020

It is my pleasure to announce the selection of three new administrators in MUSD for the 2019-2020. First, please join me in welcoming Kerry Cusack as the new Principal for Martinez Junior High School. Kerry is an MUSD alumni and has been a part of the staff at AHS for many years. Her leadership and commitment to student success will be part of a wonderful start to the 2019-2020 school year for MJHS.

Mrs. Ami Nichols was appointed on Monday night by our Board of Education as the new Principal for Morello Park Elementary. Ami is a member of our Martinez community and a former teacher at MJHS and John Swett Elementary. Most recently, Ami has been working as the Vice Principal of Pleasant Hill Middle School, while also serving on the MJHS site council and the MUSD LCAP Executive Advisory Committee. Ami is thrilled to be back as a part of MUSD and we are all excited to have her at Morello Park.

During the Board Meeting on Monday night, the Board of Education also appointed Anna Malki as the new Assistant Principal for Alhambra High School. Anna comes to us with a great track record of success both as a high school teacher and currently as a Dean of Students for Bayside Academy in San Lorenzo. Anna brings training in many programs that will lend support to the success of students at Alhambra High School and she will be a wonderful addition to the staff. We are excited to welcome Anna to AHS and the MUSD community.

I look forward to also sharing, in the near future, an announcement regarding the selection of a the new principal for Las Juntas Elementary. Interviews are taking place this week.

Upcoming Dates And Events

Upcoming Events

May 22 MJHS Open House

May 23 John Muir Elementary Open House

May 23 John Swett Elementary Open House

May 27 - No School - Memorial Day Holiday

May 29 AHS Senior Awards Night

Graduation Dates

June 4 Martinez Adult Education Graduation

June 5 Vicente/Briones Graduation

June 6 MJHS Promotion Ceremony

June 7 Alhambra High School Graduation

(Please check your school site newsletter and website for additional information)