Janie Shasteen

Freshwater biome

Amazon River foodweb

This is a fresh water bike foodweb, specifically the Amazon. The producer is algae which get its energy from the Sun. My primary consumers that eat the algae are Daphnia, Giant river turtle, Apple snail, and Angel Chichlid that eat the algae. Secondary consumer are River Otters and Piranahs that eat the Angel Chichlid, and Daphnia. My tertiary consumer is the Pink River Dolphin. Lastly I have my decomposed who eats everything.

Symbiotic relationships


In this relationship both organisms benefit. An example is an Angel Cichlid eating algae. The fish gets its energy and the algae's population will stay under control.


One organism in this relationship benefits and the other is unharmed and unaffected. In a freshwater biome a small fish may hide in a plant from its predators.


In this relationship one organism benefits and the other is harmed. An example is a parasite on a fish. This hurts the fish but helps the parasite.

Human Impact

A positive way humans may impact the environment is making laws that protect the fish by limiting how much people can fish in certain areas. Some negative ways could be runoff and pollution. If someone leaves a plastic bag or uses to much fertilizer in their lawn. It will eventually make its way to lakes, rivers, and oceans. Causing algae blooms and hurting the fish.