Written By Finn.O & Seb

What Causes lightning

Lightning is caused by little ice particles colliding in a cloud giving of a charge. Eventually the cloud is full of an electrical charge in and under the cloud. The charge conects with things sticking up from the ground such as trees, people and mountains. When the charges meet that is what we call lightning.

The Scientific explanation

When the ice particles collide the smaller icer particles go to the top of the cloud forming the positive charge. The bigger ice particles go to the bottom of the cloud forming the negative charge. Everything under the cloud is a positive charge, the opposites attract and the charges meet to form lightning. The lightning usually is in the cloud (intra cloud) or passes through clouds (inter cloud) but can sometimes pass through the cloud and in to ground. The second flash is the lightning is the electric charge completing the cicuit by passing back to the cloud.


If your hair is syanding up or you are in a flat space you could be in danger. Even though you have a one in 1.6 millon chance of being hit by lightning get in side houses or in cars but not in tents or under trees and if you are in a group spread out. Do not use any electronics and do not hold umbrellas or golf clubs. If someone is hit by lightning call the ambulance.

Thank you