learn about cartier

by kyle

Begining Of CARTIER

He was born on september 28th 1491. He died on september 1 1557.He was born in Brittany. France sent him on his exprorations. He explored Canada, Gulf of saint lawrence. He explored in1534 -1535.

Beginning Of Cartier Journey

My explorer left Cannada for his exploration . He did this to get spices and gold. The king of France sent him on his trip. He intended to go for a shorter cut to Africa.

who was already there

My explorer ended up in Quebec. The Iroquois were already there. The life was good. They had a government or chief. They were a big community. After he came they found the Saint Lawrence river. One year later more Europeans came. They had a chief named Hiawatha.

When The Europeans Came

They got more land. They got worse becuase they lost land and got punished and lost goods. Also the French explorers entered the Iroquois territory and got into a war.