Technology & Documentation

Clarkson Public School

SAMR Model

"The SAMR model can provide a language for the analysis of learning tasks in the classroom and how technology is being used. It organizes specific technology use into four tiers, from Substitution to Augmentation, moving to Modification and then Redefinition." See Peel's 21st Century Chiclet (Teaching and Learning)
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TPACK model

"Technology is seen as one of three equal parts in our decision-making. This framework supports the integration of technology into teaching and learning."

Pedagogical Documentation

Creating Visual Documentation of Learning through the use of documentation panels.

What is Documentation?

Katz and Chard offer this
explanation: “Documentation typically
includes samples of a child’s work at
several different stages of completion:
photographs showing work in progress;
comments written by the teacher
or other adults working with the
children; transcriptions of children’s
discussions, comments, and explanations
of intentions about the activity;
and comments made by parents”
(1996, 2).


Thanks to James Cash (ITRT) and Kelly Wright (ELT)

Janet D'Silva Student Work Study Teacher 2012 - 2013