Appy Kids and Teachers

Using Technology to Differentiate for Learners and Teachers!

Assessment - online game website for creating quizzes and polls, works with all devices. Super easy to use, fun and engaging! - formative assessment tool. Use your iPad or phone to scan student answer cards. - student driven digital portfolio. Easy classroom login and easy to use with one device or a lab. - digital workspace (great for teachers and older students). Accessible across devices. Great place to create files for your students.

Apps / Websites for Communication and Collaboration - online flyers. First five flyers are free, then $39 for educators. Super for newsletters but also great to pull information together or as a product choice for kids. - (in the app store). Graphic design app, makes pretty posters for teachers and would make a good product choice for students. - classroom management with avatars that kids love. Parents can check student's progress and chat with teacher. iPad app and web based. - iPad app and web based tool to send texts and chat option to parents or students. Awesome for coaches but also handy to send out messages to parents. - iPad app and web based, collaborative bookmarking tool. - iPad app and web based, collaborative bookmarking. Search other users "livebinders" and find a wealth of information!

Tech Tools for Differentiation - brain breaks for students in a game setting. Very popular with the kids! - brain breaks for students that are themed around historical areas or geography. Free option with short videos or subscribe for longer videos. - supplemental resource for K-6 math instruction. Interactive activities and worksheets that help build math understanding. - 1-8 Math practice exercises, CCSS aligned, assign lessons to specific students, free with option for a paid upgrade. - CCSS aligned, exercises in Math and ELA, free with option for a paid upgrade

Our Favorite iPad Apps

Explain Everything - screen casting tool that allows the user to put text titles, animations, voice other. $2.99 in the app store, but worth it to have kids show what they know!

Shadow Puppet Edu - allows users to put pictures together with voice over, drawings, and video. Very user friendly.

Educreations or ShowMe - interactive white board apps. Great teacher tool but also a good way to engage and assess kids knowledge.

abcya Math Bingo and Sight Word Bingo - (also available online at or as an iPad app. Good math practice w/ ability to set up avatars for kids. Also check out abcya go animate (iPad app and website) for a way to create ebooks online and on the iPad

ChatterPix Kids - easy to use, very engaging app (free!) that allows kids to make a video and record voices.

Animoto, Edu - create an avatar and voice record behind it. Highly engaging!

Popplet - use for brainstorming, organizing, vocabulary, storying boarding

Team Shake - use it to create groups, randomly pick students

Too Noisy Pro - highly motivating way to manage noise in the classroom

Write About It - CCSS aligned, way to motivate students to write and speak about their writing

Stories on Sticks - writing set up. Use for journal writing, brainstorming. Rory's Story Cubes is also similar.

Pow! Strip Design - comic strip design app. So many different ways to use this!

Cloud Art - (like wordle online). Make a collection of words that describe a subject (think of the vocabulary possibilities!)

Book Creator - make ebooks. Also try (also an app)

Bluster - can tailor for levels (antonyms, synonyms)

Read Naturally - fluency program with an app available

Shake a Phrase - Vocabulary, sentence structure, creative writing, parts of speech

Word Magic - phonics, learning to read, word structure

Splash Math - reinforces key math skills in an interactive, self paced way. Very engaging!

Drawing Pad - use to create illustrations (save to camera roll and app smash into something different!)

Osmo - iPad gameplay that is hands up. Draw on paper, pick up letter tiles, fit tangrams together.

Jessica Dufresne

Jessica is a second grade teacher at Daly Elementary in Hamilton, MT. She previously taught for 13 years in Darby, MT and was thrilled to have the opportunity to teach Gifted and Title I to various age groups. Jessica has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and will be completing her Library Media Specialist certification this summer. She is passionate about technology, literacy and engaging students in their learning.

Tracie McCrossin

Tracie has been teaching for 22 years in Darby, Mt. She is currently a Title I and works with the Gifted and Talented students. She has spent time as a Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade teacher, as well as Middle School Home Ec. Tracie has a Masters's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She is passionate about the integration of technology into learning to offer motivating and engaging learning opportunities.