By Carlie Haven

What was Sparta's government like?

Sparta's government was an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a a type of government run by only a few people. A section of the oligarchy was the council, which included 28 citizens that were over the age of 60 and they presented the laws to an assembly. Every Spartan man that was over the age of 30 belonged to the assembly. The assembly would vote on the council's laws. They chose five people each year to be ephors. The ephors would enforce the laws and manage the tax collections. The government discouraged foreign visitors because that way, no one would question the Spartan government system.
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What age did boys go to the military and why?

Boys would leave their family at the age of 7 to go live in the barracks. They were treated awfully to make them aggressive and tough. Then at age 20, the Spartan men would go into the actual wars and fight for Sparta.