News From Mrs. Jose's Room

May 2-6th 2016

We Stand With Malala!

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardians,

The students and staff invite you to attend our Malala Showcase on Thursday, May 12th from 4:30-6:30 PM. Please come into the school and see what we’ve done with “Dear Malala, We Stand with You”. The students are proud of their hard work!

From The Library

All books (unless they are being used for a project) should be returned on their regular checkout day next week (Thursday for us). I will start sending letters to collect payment for anything not returned after their checkout day next week. Thank you!

What Can You Find Us Doing?

Reading and Writing

We are learning how to read and write poetry by understanding a poet's craft. Student's are learning about figurative language (personification, simile, metaphor, etc.). We then apply what we have learned to our own poems. We will end this unit on May 20th and students will not only publish at least 5 poems but they will also be representing another poet's poem by giving it their own voice through a poetry slam or an artistic representation of the poem.


For the remainder of the year (can you believe it's only 17 more days?) we will be studying measurement. We are specifically working on converting measuring units (cm to m to Km and g to kg) this week. We will be applying these skills into problem solving.

Science and Social Studies

In science we are beginning to make some big plans for our Caine's Arcade! Keep sending in cardboard (cereal boxes, shipping boxes, paper towel rolls, etc.)! You will be invited in on May 25th to play in our Arcade!

Before our field trip we will be reviewing some of Indiana's history.

Important Dates

  • Thursday, May 5th Track
  • Friday, May 6th Project ACES in the afternoon. This is a whole school assembly and walk! Find out more at the Project ACES website:
  • Thursday, May 12 4:30-6:30 Malala Showcases open to the public
  • Friday, May 13th NWEA Testing
  • Monday, May 16th at 9:30am Orientation at SCI
  • Monday, May 16th NWEA Testing
  • Tuesday, May 24th Field Trip (wear your red CRES shirt)
  • Wednesday, May 25th Caine's Arcade
  • Thursday, May 26th Field Day and the last day of 4th grade!