Chapter 5.4 Origin and Diffusion

by Zackari


Languages diffusion from their place of place of origin through migration.

Dialects within languages also emerge through migration and isolation.

People that helped diffuse English

Origin and Diffusion of Indo-European: "War" Hypothesis

  • The orgininated and the process and routes by which it diffused
  • The first Indo-European speakers may have been the kurgan people,who lived near the border of Russia.

Origin and Diffusion of Indo-European: "Peace" Hypothsesis

  • The archaeologist Colin renfrew argues that the first Indo-European speakers lived 2,000 years befor the kurgans.
  • European migrate into Europe and south Asia

Origin and Diffusion of English

  • The Celts spoke languages classified as Celtic.
  • Norway land on the Southest coast of England on the northest coast of England and raided sevrael settlements there.
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