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In The News... July 15, 2016

Wow, it's been a great week here at WSES! The kids jumped right in and were ready to get started in their new classroom. I was very impressed with how hard they worked.

Our focus this week was on classroom rules and our school wide 3 B's. Together we developed our classroom rules and agreed to follow them and do our best each day. The kids learned how Class Dojo works and were very eager to earn their positives. In our classroom we are working hard at being a TEAM and creating a classroom community of helping others and caring for everyone. The kids have earned several Wowsers so far and I can already tell we will be having a Wowser Party soon.

Our Book of the Week was David Goes to School. We used this book to highlight the 3 B's and help us decide on important classroom rules. We created an art project with this book and wrote a sentence to help David follow the rules. The kids had a blast working on this.

As we focused on our classroom community, I introduced new structures to our classroom to help with our team building. The first activity we did was "Find our Person". each child has a person that is their encourager! Every time we hear the song, "You Got a Friend in Me" the kids have to find their person, high 5 them and share something new about themselves. The kids LOVE this. Each week we will find a new person so that the kids have an opportunity to learn something new about each of their classmates. We have also formed Table Groups. Our table groups work together on activities and team building games. One of the fun things we did this week involved a balloon. The kids had to get in their table groups and work together to keep the balloon in the air while holding hands. I Tweeted some pictures of this and posted them on our class Facebook page. Check them out. This was a great team building activity for the kids. We also used our table groups to work on Letterland. The kids used a structure called: Think-Write-Round Robin. The kids had to think of ~ap, ~at, & ~ad words in their groups and then take turns writing these words on their chart paper. We took a gallery walk around the room to read all the words the kids came up with. The kids really enjoyed this activity.

For Math we used the structure Rally Coach to practice counting sets of objects. The way Rally Coach works is one person is the coach while the other person completes an activity. The coach has to check behind the person to make sure he/she did it right. Then the teams switch roles. They rocked this and did some great counting each day.

In first grade, the boys and girls get to pick the books that they want to read for our Daily 5 structure. We talked about good fit books and how to determine if a book was too hard, too easy or just right. I've encouraged the kids to use the "Goldilocks" rule when going to the library. They have to check out at least 2 good fit books and then the other books can be books that they may want to read with you. I try not to limit their books to a color because that limits the types of books they can check out. I'd rather them explore all types of books even if it means that they are listening to someone read them a story. When you read to your child you are teaching them fluency and how to use expression. Next week the kids will begin choosing their own books for their book boxes in the classroom. These books will be good fit books and ones on their levels so that I can ensure their individual needs are being met. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. =)

Please check your child's bookbag for his/her Friday Folder. Inside this folder you will find his/her Work Habits & Conduct grades for the week along with my comments. Please read over these and then sign/initial the folder. You can add your own comments as well. You will also find school wide info in the Friday Folder along with your child's work he/she completed this week. Every Friday your child will bring home his/her spelling test as well so that you can have instant feedback on how they did and what they need more practice with. We did take our "practice" test this week. You can look over it to see how it is formatted. These did not count toward a grade. Please make sure you return your child's Friday Folder on Monday!

That about wraps it up for this week. Your kids are AWESOME! I have so enjoyed getting to know them this week and can already tell it is going to be a great year. Please message me with any questions or concerns. I am here to help and support you. I hope you all have a great weekend. I am off to the mountains for a little R&R.

I can't wait to see the kids back on Monday. Take care!

~Ms. Gower


  • Class Dojo/Remind- Please sign up for both Class Dojo and Remind. Class Dojo is a great tool to help you stay connected with your child's behavior and how his/her day is going. It also allows you to instant message me with questions. I use Remind to send quick reminders to you about about our class. I don't want you to miss out on these; so sign up ;-) Here is the link to sign up for Remind:
  • Scholastics- We have only received a few subscription payments for Scholastics. Scholastics is a weekly newspaper that we use every Monday in our classroom. It links nicely with our Social Studies & Science units. It is also part of your child's Monday homework. Please send in your $6 for this on Monday so that I can place our order. I'd like to begin using these as soon as possible.
  • Parent Survey & All About Me Bags- If you have not completed the parent survey please do so this weekend and return it to me on Monday. You can place it inside your child's Friday Folder. Also, send in the All About Me bags. We will be sharing these on Monday =)
  • Supplies- Please check the notes inside your child's Friday Folder to see if there are any supplies that your child is missing. All supplies need to be sent in by Monday; please and thank you!

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