Inclusive Interactions

May 2016 Edition

About Inclusive Interactions:

Inclusive Interactions is a publication released by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion designed to generate intentional conversations among members of the Fredonia community about inclusive topics. Community members are encouraged to dialogue with others related to this topic and leave comments in the discussion forum.

April Edition: Bystander Awareness Education

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you witness discrimination or violence? Have you ever not known how to react, or maybe you froze up in the moment? Perhaps you didn't know where you turn after you saw the act take place, or what your resources on campus were. Reporting acts of discrimination can help our campus community look into the situation and take action, but in the moment it can be a very scary situation to be in.

Recognizing and Identifying Unconscious Bias

Everyone comes from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, so it is natural for all of us to be biased one way or another based on our prior experiences. It is important to maintain an open mind when someone is saying something that you may disagree with. If you see a situation becoming increasingly aggressive or violent, you have multiple options for reporting those incidents, and multiple safe spaces to turn to on campus.

Know Your Campus Resources!

Article: SUNY Officers are Being Educated on Bias!

The "Train the Trainer" program aims to improve Fair and Impartial policing on all SUNY campuses to ensure the maximum amount of safety for students, faculty and staff.

Bystander Awareness Education

The first step to preventing acts of power-based violence is to train our campus community on what they can do when they are bystanders to these acts of violence. The Green Dot program is a new education based system that is being implemented here at Fredonia to try to assist our community in becoming active bystanders, and how to safely react in order to help diffuse a situation where there is a threat of violence. If you are interested in being Green Dot Trained, there was a faculty training on March 17th, and students or student groups will have the opportunity to be Green Dot trained in the Fall during Professional Development Day.
Green Dot - TAMIU (Laredo, TX)

Food for Thought

Take a moment with yourself or with your colleagues, friends, and co-workers to consider the following:

1) Do you think the Green Dot system could benefit our Campus Community with issues related to power-based violence?

2) If someone came to you who was a witness to a situation of violence or aggression, what would you do or say to them in order to help?

3) What else can we do in our community to help diffuse situations of violence?

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The primary goal of the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is to create a campus climate that is favorable to the development of the human potential of all faculty, staff, administrators, and students. To achieve this goal, the office has three major responsibilities: compliance, equity of services, and diversity.
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