By: Zach Reed


- Magellan studied astronomy and navigation.

- He changed the world by confirming it was a globe.

- He was later shot by a poisoned arrow.

Christopher Columbus

- Columbus was good at navigation.

- He set 3 ships to sea.

- Columbus was arrested because he had a strained relationship crown of Spain.

- He made his voyage in 1492.

Vasco de Gama

- He sailed from Europe to India.

- Gama sailed in 1497.

- He found the Americas in the far east.

- He traveled 600 miles.

- Gama started with 170 sailors.



- Magellan was considered a traitor to his home country, Portugal.

- Magellan gave the Pacific Ocean it's name.

- Many of his crew members deserted the expedition.

Christopher Columbus

- Christopher Columbus wasn't his real name.

- Half of his journey ended in disaster.

- Columbus was a very religious man.

- He was a cheapskate.

Vasco de Gama

- Vasco da Gama was the first person to sail directly from Europe to India.

- There is a crater on the moon named Vasco de Gama.

- On his second voyage, his fleet consisted of 20 armed ships.

- Vasco de Gama's exploration was almost given to his father instead of him.

- He had 6 sons and 1 daughter.