Important Cascadia Weather Info

Special Edition of Kody's Weekly - October 13, 2016

Please see below regarding important information about upcoming weather affecting campus

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

As you are probably aware, weather forecasters are predicting high winds and heavy rain this evening and over the weekend. Here is information on potential closures and delays.


In the event of a campus closure, we use UW Alert (text or email message), along with the website, employee emails, and social media to communicate. This applies on weekends and whether classes are in session or not.

NOTE: You will not receive a UW Alert email message unless you sign up. Sign up to receive alerts now!

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When the college is in operation, but severe weather conditions exist, use your own best judgment about driving to campus. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our number one concern. Please make safety your number one consideration when deciding whether to hold events or travel. This may be a dangerous storm; use common sense and please don’t venture outside if you don’t have to.

Suspended operations – how to find out whether the campus is closed:

As the day begins, in the event of snow, ice, high winds or other dangerous conditions, campus leadership will assess conditions early in the morning and make a decision no later than 5:00 a.m., earlier if possible, about whether to suspend operations for the entire day or operate on a delayed schedule. If you do not receive an alert and there is no message posted on the website, assume the campus is open. When operations are suspended, the campus is closed, classes are not held, administrative offices are closed and events and activities are cancelled. Only essential personnel should be on the campus.

Delayed start:

When a delayed schedule is called, classes and offices will resume operations depending on conditions.

Closing early:

If a storm hits during a weekday, campus leaders may decide to suspend operations early.


If the campus is closed the library is closed. However, our resourceful librarians have developed an alternate Campus Library website that provides access to all the Library’s resources, including UW Libraries Search and journal article databases, Research & Class Guides and the Chat with a Librarian service.


Computers – Power bumps and outages can cause lost data and important work, so while the wind is blowing please make sure to:

o Save early, save often.

o Save to network servers (instead of your computer)

o Log out of your computer when leaving for long periods or for the day

Phones – Campus phones are on battery backup that lasts between 15-20 minutes so if you need to use an office phone to make a call, do it soon. Make sure to charge your cellular devices regularly.

Power protection – Make sure your technology is plugged in to a surge suppressing power strip, do not plug directly into a power socket.

Additional safety information:

We wish all of the Cascadia community a safe evening and weekend.

Eric Murray