The Way of the Wildcat

Silas Willard Newsletter-February 3, 2023

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CREATIVITY is the focus of the month for February!

Determination: The Pantera (Panther) is one of our Silas Willard Wildcats. The panther represents the incredibly important skill of demonstrating creativity. For the purpose of our monthly focus in February we are going to define the idea of creativity in the following manner:

  • The ability to think differently about the world around us with regard to:

    • Thinking and learning

    • Showing kindness toward others

    • Including others throughout the school day-academically or socially

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Order your 2022-2023 Yearbooks Today!

We are EXCITED to announce the start of Yearbook sales! The yearbooks are in full color and cost $20. Click HERE to order your yearbook today! Sales will run through April 31st

Check out our AWESOME Wildcats!!

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Parents and Guardians, please complete the 5 Essentials Survey by March 11, 2023. We appreciate your feedback and insight! Click HERE to take the survey!

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February 24th-Black History Month Presentation

The Carl Sandburg College Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Knox County YMCA Solutions Program, the GHOST Step Team, and the Carl Sandburg College Upward Bound Program are offering a Black History Month Presentation that will include entertaining and educational information to celebrate the history and contributions of African-Americans throughout the years. We are excited to welcome these guests to our school on the 24th for a fantastic presentation!


February 10: Orpheum Field Trips for K and 1 to see PETE THE CAT!!

February 14: Valentine's Day

February 16: Orpheum Field Trips for 2nd and 3rd Grades to see James and the Giant Peach!

February 17: 1/2 Day of Student Attendance due to a District #205 School Improvement Day

February 24: Black History Month Presentation and 4th Grade Electives Assembly at Lombard Middle School

March 2: Family Math GAME Night from 5pm-7pm

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Reminders about arrival and dismissal to school:

  • Students are allowed to be dropped off at 8 am, but no earlier.
  • Pull ALL the way up in the "U" area. Trust the process and follow the staff members' guidance in the "U" area pick-up. If a staff member is asking you to pull up or motioning for you to pull up, simply do so. We are all doing our best to get you in and out of arrival/dismissal as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Pulling up all the way through the "U" area allows us to get more cars off of Seminary St.
  • Be mindful of our crossing guards as they are doing their best to provide safe crossing for all of our Wildcats.
  • If you are exiting the car and parking, please make sure to use the sidewalks and navigate to them rather than walking through the center of the parking lot. This is dangerous and blocks traffic in the "U" area. It is also a dangerous practice to have students walking between moving cars.

Important Information for Wildcat Families

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Milk Money

During our lunch times, we have students who are coming into the lunch lines just to get a milk. If a student needs to purchase milk, they must have money put on their accounts to do so. We do not give away the milk for free unless it is purchased in conjunction with a school lunch. If a student is simply wanting milk they must have money on their accounts to do so.

Thank you!

The Silas Willard Parent Calendar is LIVE!

Please go to to check out our website! You will find our Silas Willard Parent Calendar linked at the bottom of the page with upcoming events and activities at Silas Willard!

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