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September 16, 2022

Evening with the Principal - Wednesday, September 21

Next Wednesday, September 21, 7:00-8:00 PM, I will be hosting a presentation on our new English/Language Arts Curriculum, Benchmark Advance/Adelante and the district's Every Child Reads Initiative (ESRI). This presentation will take place in our Library Classroom. I am excited to present this information to our community and hope you will make every effort to be there!

Meet our new Spectra Art Teacher!

Please help me welcome our new Spectra Art teacher, Ms. Audrey Zha!

Ms. Zha graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Product Development. Since then, she has worked in the fashion industry as a product photographer, designer, and digital content creator. She loves working on her own art projects and in her free time she loves exploring different media and techniques.

Spectra Art classes will begin on September 26.

A Reminder About the Importance of Good Attendance

You may notice this year that PAUSD is running a tighter process on our Attendance Policy. Here is the district's policy and I encourage you to read it carefully. If you have questions, please contact our Office Clerk, Cecilia Perez, ceperez@pausd.org. Please remember, daily attendance is critical to school success - every second in the classroom counts! Instructional time with your children is sacred!!

PAUSD Attendance Policy

PAUSD Attendance Policy:

Every Student is expected to attend school daily, unless there is a valid justification for the absence (Education Code 48200)

Excused Absences

  1. Illness or injury verified by parent, guardian or medical professional

  2. Funeral of immediate family member (includes anyone residing with the student): 1 day in

    state or 3 days for outside the state or country

  3. Medical, dental, COVID-19 related, optometric or chiropractic appointment verified by written

    note from medical professional

  4. Quarantine: Directed by a county or city health official

  5. Exclusions by school nurse: immunizations or lice (should take one day to clean up and only

    one day is excused)

  6. Approved participation in a school co-curricular activity in which the student represents the

    school or district

Unexcused Absences

  1. Running errands for family

  2. Vacations or trips

  3. Unverified illness

  4. Transportation problems

  5. Inclement weather

  6. Babysitting

  7. Any absence without documentation or note from parent, guardian or medical professional


All absences must be verified within three (3) school days. Verification of student absences will only be accepted from doctors, other medical professionals, and parents/guardians, either by note, email, phone, or other electronic means. If verification has not been received within the three-day period, the absence(s) will be unexcused, and the student will be at risk of becoming truant.

Truancy/Unexcused Absence Notification Letters

  • 1st Letter: 3 tardies over 30 minutes/unexcused absences from school.
  • 2nd Letter: 6 total tardies over 30 minutes/unexcused absences from school. At this point, a formal conference will be held with the Principal to discuss ways to improve tardies/absences for the child. A 'My Attendance Success Plan' worksheet will be filled out at the meeting at this meeting.
  • 3rd Letter: 9 tardies over 30 minutes/unexcused absences from school. This triggers the following meeting:

SARB Meeting (School Attendance Review Board, Education Code 48293) -

Consisting of family members, school personnel, School District officials, Police, Social Workers, etc, to discuss ways to improve attendance at school.

International Potluck Night Pictures!!

Duveneck Elementary School

At Duveneck, we work together as an inclusive community to inspire a passion for learning. We commit to the academic success of each student and to the emotional well-being of all our students, families and staff.