ISMN Learning Coach Guide

Together, we can help your student thrive!

Welcome! Please complete your LC checklist below to get off to a strong start as a Learning Coach this school year!

Learning Coach Checlist to Complete before the first day of school

1. Set up your Learning Coach Account

2. Read all emails from Insight School of Minnesota and K12 –

  • · There might be a lot at first, but all filled with important information for you and your student!

3. Assist your student in setting up their account

4. Complete Connection Call with your student’s advisor

  • · Your student may complete this step, or you can complete together (suggested)
  • · This is your first call with ISMN and will ensure you are completing all steps needed for Strong Start

5. Attend an online Learning Coach Orientation or watch the recording

6. Review attendance policy with your student

  • · Information below

7. Continue to check in weekly (more often is highly encouraged) to your learning coach account

  • · This is how you will monitor your student’s progress in their courses
Learning Coach Orientation Recording

By clicking this, it will prompt you to download the Blackboard Collaborate Application on your computer.

Learning Coach Orientation Completion Form

Complete this form after watching the Learning Coach Orientation

The typical time commitment for a Learning Coach varies per week.

•Grades 6-8 is typically 2 to 4 hours

•Grades 9-12 is typically 1 to 2 hours

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As part of the parent–teacher–student partnership, the Learning Coach (you or another responsible adult) plays an active and vital role in online schooling. In the high school grades, Learning Coaches spend about 1–2 hours a day overseeing and monitoring their student's progress. Most learning takes place online, with students taking responsibility for their own learning. You and your student will also have the support of state-licensed teachers, who provide online instruction and are available to answer any questions.

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What to expect in the next few weeks

  • Receiving school computer (if you meet the requirements)
  • School materials – Note that all classes do not have physical materials. If you do not receive materials for all classes, that means some of your students class materials will be provided to them electronically in their online course
  • Student Welcome Packet
  • Learning Coach Welcome Packet
  • Phone call from student advisor
  • Emails from support staff & teachers
ISMN School Website

Your one-stop shop for everything that you need to know about ISMN.

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School Year Calendar

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Middle School & High School Program Overview

Family & Community Resources

New Family Onboarding Program to ensure you and your student have all the tools and information you need for a strong start

More than 50 online clubs including LEGO®, chess, debate, yoga, and running*

Community and academic events, in-person social outings, and virtual field trips

K12 Learning Coach University offers a large selection of live sessions, workshops, and events that provide support all year long for your role as the Learning Coach


All 6-12 grade courses meet state standards

Students work with an online Learning Management System (LMS) to access courses, grades, live Class Connect sessions, and teacher- provided feedback

Students benefit from a team of homeroom teachers, subject-specific teachers, and school support staff

English, math, science, and history courses are offered

Variety of electives such as Spanish and art

Progress is defined by completion of assignments, quizzes, and test as well as showing and mastery of core concepts

Our Teachers

Certified Teachers Make the Most of Each Student's Experience

In middle school, the teachers assigned to your student monitors progress, provides targeted intervention when needed and answers questions.

In grades 6–8, teachers communicate with both parents and students on a regular basis through various methods such as e-mail, phone, one-to-one online meetings, and live "ClassConnect" sessions.

As your child progresses, the teacher remains involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop a specific intervention plan if he or she is struggling with a concept. These difficulties are identified by assessments that come at the end of every lesson and unit, by the regular progress testing prescribed at the beginning of the year, and through direct check-ins between parent, student, and teacher.

By high school, more instruction happens through real-time "ClassConnect" online sessions and extra sessions are offered, as needed, one-to-one and in small group online sessions to help students work through difficult topics. High school teachers are all subject-matter experts and are available to help with coursework and answer questions online, over the phone, and by posting information and advice for all students in the announcements section of their course

Student School Email

Full-featured e-mail allows students, teachers, and Learning Coaches to communicate in a timely and effective manner anytime, anywhere.

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Additional Resources

K12 Learning Coach University

Parents can interact with the K12 community, including teachers and other parents through many different groups and activities.

K12 Customer Support

For immediate assistance, please call toll free at 866-512-2273

Attendace Works

Engaging parents in preventing chronic absence

Learning Liftoff

Learning Liftoff covers a variety of topics in education from online learning to extracurricular activities, family living and fun learning games.


Families can enter their address and it lists the child crisis numbers to call in their area.

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K12 App

With the app, relevant and up-to-date information is at your fingertips.