an interview with hades

reported by Lucas.P Andrew.G Nolan.C


Hades was the god of the underworld. He had no friends unless you call the cerberus ( a three headed dog that guarded Hades' house) a friend. Hades had a lot of enemies some are his brothers Zeus and Poseidon, others are all people who break into the underworld. He lives in the Underworld. Hades was tall with dark skin, He usually wears a white suit. The people he had a conflict with all Gods and Demigods.

sitting down with hades

Hello reporter! so hades how are you today

I am um, Very well today , and you? i am also good

I hate them because they kicked me so how come you hate your

down into the Underworld, THAT'S WHY! brothers

Do you have any enemies?

Yes, and lots.My brothers (Zeus and

Poseidon) and any god that dares enter

my realm.

differences and similarities

Hades does not have friends and Robert has lots.

Hades has a lot of enemies and Robert might have some but we do not Know.

Hades is a god Robert is a celebrity.

Both have siblings.

Both tall.

Both have facial hair.

Both are famous.