"Lead all about it" - October 23, 2020

STAR Assessment

As you may recall from a previous newsletter, the STAR assessment was recently administered to our students. This week, your child will be bringing home a parent report explaining the score(s) for your child. Virtual parents will find the reports in your packet pick up next week. Please understand that this was given at the beginning of the year and is just one piece of data for your child. STAR is a computer adaptive test. Computer-adaptive tests are designed to adjust their level of difficulty—based on the responses provided—to match the knowledge and ability of a test taker. If a student gives a wrong answer, the computer follows up with an easier question; if the student answers correctly, the next question will be more difficult. Our teachers use it along with many other on-going assessments to get a full picture of your child's abilities, plan for instruction and plan interventions if needed. This assessment will be given again in January and in May. You DO NOT need to sign and return the report as indicated at the bottom. Thanks.

HALLOWEEN ( *Updated directions for Virtual Learners)

Here are the plans for our Reid Halloween Festivities on Friday, Oct. 30.

  • We will be having a Halloween parade beginning at 1:40. The parade will leave Reid and travel up Seneca Street to Hegel and back down Clarence Street through the playground parking lot and up the ramp.
  • Virtual learners *UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS: You are invited to join the parade if you would like. Please meet at the corner of Seneca and Erie at 1:40 to start our parade. Virtual learners must be accompanied by one adult. Virtual families will end their portion of the parade at the grassy area to the left of the beginning of the ramp on the playground. You will line up in that area to watch the rest of the Reid students walk up the ramp into the school.
  • Families are invited to view the Reid parade from anywhere outside along the parade route. Students will be coming up the ramp at the end for a good viewing option.
  • Students and families are reminded to practice distancing.
  • Parade participants and viewers will be required to wear masks.
  • If it rains or snows (it’s MICHIGAN) the parade will be canceled.
  • The Parade will be recorded (and later posted to our Reid FB page) if you are unable to attend but would still like to view our costumes.
  • Each class will hold their own Halloween festivities in their classrooms. Unfortunately, families are not able to attend.
  • Please have your child bring their costume to school. Try to avoid anything that is too difficult for them to put on themselves.
  • Please adhere to the following guidelines: NO weapons or gory costumes. Keep in mind we have young children in the building and we want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Reminder: Covid-19 guidelines

With COVID-19 cases in our state increasing, we would like to offer a couple of reminders.

1. If your student is sick or has one primary or two secondary symptom(s) (see list below), please contact your physician before you send them to school.

- Primary Symptoms (1)

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fever (temp > 100.4 F)
  • New Loss of taste or smell

- Secondary Symptoms (2)

  • Chills/sweating
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle pain or body aches
  • New onset of severe headache
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
  • Congestion or runny nose

2. If your student has had a COVID test, they must stay home until the school receives a copy of the negative test result. Also, if your student needs to be tested remember we will only accept a PCR test. Rapid tests are unreliable so the District is not accepting results from a rapid test.

It is officially jacket weather!

It is starting to get a little chilly - please remember to send a jacket in with your student.

Also, please make sure your student has seasonally appropriate extra change of clothes in their locker.


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Guest Teachers and Lunchroom/Playground substitutes needed

The Goodrich Area School district is looking for guest teachers and lunchroom/playground substitutes.

Please visit the Goodrich website,, under employment opportunities, to sign up with Applitrack/EduStaff for guest teacher/ sub positions.

Reporting an absence

To comply with guidelines and procedures set forth from the CDC and the Health department, every time a student is absent from school, a detailed explanation must be left on the Attendance line (810-591-3455). Please note, that when you call in that your child is ill, we will likely be contacting you for further details. We also ask that you share all details with us in order to keep us all healthy and safe.

If your student receives an alternative diagnosis (strep, sinus infection, etc.) please have your doctor give you a written excuse that includes the diagnosis and return that to the school. Thanks again for your diligence in this matter.

Free and Reduced lunch applications

At this time, lunch is free for all students, however, this program will end 12/31/20 or when the funds are depleted. If you think you may qualify for free and reduced lunch, please follow the link below and complete an application and return to the school office. Please complete the application at this time to help us plan.

Reid Facebook Page

Did you know Reid Elementary has a Facebook Page? You can find it @ReidElementaryGrowingLeaders. Like the page so you won't miss fun and important posts. Meet Mrs. Millerschin there for "Bedtime Stories" live at 6:30 on Wednesday night.

Reid Elementary

Mission: "Growing Leaders of Tomorrow"

We Believe:

  • All students can learn.
  • Every child grows under the conditions and at the time that's right for them.
  • In teaching the whole child.
  • All children have the potential to do great things!
  • All children can learn, we just need to find the way to teach them.
  • In growing the whole child—socially, emotionally, academically.
  • Each child can make a difference!
  • All students can be a leader
  • Students learn best when actively engaged