Romeo and Juliet

Chris Henriquez

Act 1 Summary of Scenes I - V

In the beginning two residents Capulet and Montague's have an unknown rivalry for many years. In the city they started sword fighting the prince comes breaks it up and threaten the two families of death if one fight breaks out again. Later that night, Benvolio Romeos cousin suggest to crash a Capulet party so they went. While Benvolio and Mercutio are dancing he looks across the room and sees the young and beautiful Juliet and instantly falls in love. Tybalt recognizes Romeo and gets mad but the Capulet father tells him not to fight in his house. Romeo walks up to Juliet asks to dance. Juliet pulls him to the side and then they kiss and fall in love.

Favorite Part Thus Far

My favorite part would be the fight between the two families since they hate each other and also I like the action it brings in the play and it was unique how there was action in the begging now movies or stories still use that today.