Quarter 1 Week 8


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Animal Rights

click on the link and read the article. Give your opinion on animal rights based on the article .... argue yous opinion with supporting reasons
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Marijuana Use

After reading the article write a one paragraph summary and your opinion about marijuana use .... be sure to state your reasons for your opinion
Drug intervention for you

Drug Intervention

watch the video and indicate whether or not you think this would be effective for convincing drug abusers to seek help .... what could be changed or added to the video to make it more effective ??
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Religious Solicitaion

Go through the opinion quiz on religious solicitation and record your answers with a 2 sentence minimum on your personal feelings- be sure to vote at the end of the reading
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Skim over the polls on the war on terrorism. Choose one of the polls and using a 3 sentence minimum evaluation, interpret the graph indicating your opinion as to the validity of the findings.
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Check out the info on the National Beer Association Polticial Action Commitee. Answer the following: How does the PAC appear to be doing financially? Which polticial party do they mostly contribute to? Click on the list recipients...and list 3 of the people they contribute the most money to.
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What Exactly Constitutes an Assault Weapon?

Assault Ban

Based on the video ..... do you agree or disagree on the attempt to ban assault rifles ... defend you position