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Your Monthly Inspiration


What a fun time of year for your business! We have the most amazing line, ever to show and book with! We also get to offer an extra $50 to all of our August hostesses which makes booking a snap! The one tip I can offer you is to look at your bookings as a quarterly segment instead of a monthly one. Its just a good practice that sets up your fall for success. Right now we are booking for August, September, and October....the biggest months of our year. I challenge you to sit down and list all the dates for these three months that you would like to fill with bookings, and then make it your goal to fill as many as possible!

Monthly Focus

Three easy steps to achieve your goals this month !
Step 1: Set your August sales & sponsoring goals
Step 2: Follow the simple week-by-week guide to reach your goal
Step 3: Follow the August Words to Say to share all we have to offer (SDU > August Tools)

Step 1: Set your August goals. Enter these goals into the Reports Tracker and watch your progress.
 ♦What Hostess Exclusive Items will you earn through the Rock The Summer (“RTS”) Challenge? Go for them all!
 ♦How many Trunk Shows will you hold in August to meet that goal – or your financial goal?
 ♦How many will you sponsor while talking to everyone you meet?

Step 2: Follow the simple week-by-week guide to reach your goal
Week 1: Start August Strong
If you haven’t already, register to participate in the Rock The Summer Challenge at www.rockthesummerchallenge. com and attend this week’s RTS call on 40+10-3-2-1 on Wednesday, August 7th, to optimize all August shows.
♦Front load your month, using the Words to Say. Prospect potential Hostesses by sharing your excitement around a
new Fall piece you know they’ll love! Follow up with 10 to book 1. You’ll hear no. That means you’re asking – and that’s what success looks like.
♦Share the opportunity with every Hostess and at least 2 guests per Trunk Show, all month long. Share how they can start now, hone their skills just in time for our busiest season and earn Rock the Summer prizes while also earning Jumpstart rewards!
♦Attend Danielle’s Monthly Success Tips from the Top call on Tuesday, August 6th, for the Words to Say to book and sponsor in August.
Week 2: Build Momentum
♦Attend the Home Office Booking Blitz on Tuesday, August 13th, to book and build your momentum for Fall! If you haven’t implemented follow up tactics shared in our “Booking” or “Increase the Lifetime Value of your Customer” Hoopla breakouts, watch them for a refresher and take action with this Blitz.
♦Join the Rock the Summer training call on the Confident Close on Wednesday, August 14th
Week 3: Review your goals
♦Check your progress towards your Rock the Summer Challenge goal. How many more Trunk Shows will you hold before the end of the month? Adjust your activity, not your goal.
♦Attend the RTS Training on “Selling on the Go” on Wednesday, August 21st
♦Watch our live Re-Entrée webcast on Wednesday, August 21st, for ideas and announcements to end August strong – and launch your entire Fall season (or catch the recording later in the week).
Week 4: Bring it Home
♦Attend the RTS call on “Booking in Tight” on Wednesday, August 28th, and take action to meet your goal.
♦Participate in your team Booking Blitz. Use “Booking in Tight” skills to book 1 more Trunk Show before the end of the month. No to August? No problem! Offer early September to build momentum for the busy Fall season. Set a goal to arrive at your local September Boot Camp qualified or beyond!

Step 3: Follow the August Words to Say to share all we have to offer! (SDU > August Tools)

We are Dazzled by....

Top in Sales for July!

Congrats to everyone for their hard work in July! These ladies were top in sales for our team!

Carolyn Barnes $ 4,304.00

Susan Carruth $ 3,569.00

Jenny Harper $ 2,506.00

Ingrid Nelson $ 1,407.00

Amanda Shaw $ 1,363.00

Christie Cofield $ 1,063.00

Carrie Floyd $ 970.00

Terry Healy $ 915.00

Lori Crooks $ 910.00

Victoria Kennedy $ 747.00

Hannah Hendley $ 739.00

Paige Fulford $ 660.00

Sherry Sawicki $ 568.00

Leann Thompson $ 512.00