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January 20, 2023

Important Dates:

  • 1/24: Governing Board Meeting: SF being acknowledged for our A Rating!
  • 1/27: 2pm Dismissal for PLC collaboration

Looking Ahead:

2/1: Thai Chili Fundraiser Night

2/6: STEP IT UP Fundraiser Kick Off!

2/13-2/17: Parent Teacher Conference Week

Check out what happened around campus this week...

First Grade had a blast celebrating the 100th Day!

In case you didn't already hear, Petunia was our special guest at the TRACKS Meet today...and she was adorable! Mrs. Baumgartner & Mrs. Cole finally got to KISS THE PIG!

Special Thanks to Karen's Critters for allowing us to spend time with their sweet pig today. We appreciate you!

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A Peek Into Our PLCs:

Bobcat Families,

Our teachers and staff continue to be grateful for the 2pm dismissal days that allow for collaboration time focused on student data, best teaching practices, and tiered instruction. Over the next few weeks, you'll see a different grade level/team highlighted in the weekly Bobcat Bulletin sharing a little peek into what is happening during their PLC time on Fridays and/or why they are so thankful for this time as professionals. Enjoy!

The 7th grade team uses our PLC time to:

...focus on the needs of our students, which is always changing. This year we have been making RTI (Response to Intervention) our focal point.

RTI is a block in our daily schedule where students get targeted support in either math or ELA. Every week students get placed in a group based on their performance of mastering standards. In these groups - we focus on their specific needs; reteaching concepts, extension activities, etc. Students are then given opportunities to retake assessments to show mastery of essential standards.

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Weekly Message from the Founder of ALL THINGS EQ (Danna Evans):

This week, we focus on confusion because students often become frustrated and stop trying when they feel confused. The motto for the week is:

I work through confusion.

Students may equate confusion with ability, believing they are confused because they are not smart enough to continue. Feeling confused is frustrating for sure, but confusion can be a natural part of learning. We want students to equate confusion with problem-solving, learning, and growth rather than feelings of inadequacy.

Confusion may be a speed bump on the road to knowledge, but it is not a reason to stop.

Working together, we can help our students persevere through confusion rather than allow confusion to be a reason to give up or judge themselves as less than capable. Consider checking in with your child and asking how they feel when they are confused. If there are any unhelpful thoughts, you can help them replace them with more encouraging ones.

Old Thought Patterns
If I am confused, it means:

  • I am not smart enough.
  • My teacher didn't explain this very well.

New Thought Patterns
If I am confused, it means:

  • I am learning something new.
  • My teacher challenges me, and I work through confusion.

Understanding that confusion can be a normal part of the learning process can help lower anxiety and frustration and encourage perseverance and resiliency.

"Genius is perseverance in disguise."
-Mike Newlin

We STILL have an IMMEDIATE NEED for the following positions on campus:

We are currently seeking professional, positive, reliable people who want to make a difference in the lives of our students each day! Please reach out if you, or someone you know is interested in serving our school as:

  • Lunch Monitor (11:15am-1:00pm)
  • Para Educator (multiple positions)

*These positions are crucial in the daily operations of our school. Please spread the word and encourage interested applicants to apply.

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