Formative Assessment Tools

Grading? What Grading!

Meetings, holding classes, running copies, GRADING PAPERS!!! All of these tasks take huge chunks of your time and energy, so why not use some hacks to save your time? Assessing your students’ understanding is already a part of your job description, so why not embrace some platforms that can save you time AND make it more fun for students?

Not only can you assess your students with the following platforms, but you can diversify the types of assessments you give to better meet their needs.

Check out just a few of my favorites below and stay tuned for additional details in upcoming Ed Tech Tips!

Google Forms - Google Forms is a survey/quiz tool that is extremely easy to use. You can also collect responses, which populate directly into a Google Sheet for quick analysis. Simply unselect the ‘restrict to users in Richmond Public Schools and trusted domains,’ to make a Google Form open for student use. Additionally, there are several free add-ons for Forms and Sheets that enhance your capabilities further. It is FREE to use!

Plickers - Plickers allows you to collect real-time data on the spot. Students only need the use of their Plickers card to answer questions (MC, T/F, Y/N only) - NO paper/pencil OR device needed. Teachers use the website on their computer simultaneously with the app on their mobile device to scan the student cards. All responses populate in a data report, giving you both whole assessment and item analysis. It is FREE to use! (Also has a pro version for $.)

Quizizz - Quizizz slightly gamifies an assessment. Students requires the use of student devices (mobile, tablet, or laptop). You can download pre-made assessments from a library or custom make one. The great thing about this platform is that it is student-paced. All responses populate in data reports for further analysis as well. It is FREE to use!

Formative - This is a robust assessment tool that even allows the user to upload .docx and .pdf files into an assessment. You can also download and edit pre-made assessments or start one from scratch. The best feature about Formative is that it integrates with Google Classroom and allows you to track data and intervene where and when needed. It is FREE to use!

Kahoot! - Kahoot! is a game-based assessment tool that creates engaging assessments that are fun and easy. It also creates a bit of competition among students, as timing plays a part in student scores. You can choose from pre-made Kahoots or create your own. The downside is that is does not collect data in the free version. It is FREE to use!

Quizlet Live - Quizlet Live is an engaging game you can use in your classes to help students learn. It is free to all teachers who have an account, and Quizlet Teacher subscribers have access to additional features and customization options. This gamifies your assessment, but more importantly it randomly groups students, causing them to work with peers they may not have been inclined to pick from the start.

Gimkit - Gimkit is a game show type formative assessment tool that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win. As students complete quizzes, they earn money to reinvest in Gimkit upgrades that align with their strengths. Use your Gimkit dashboard to view student progress and earnings and additional formative data. Users receive 2 kits (quizzes) for free. Create from scratch, dump in Quizlet stacks or CSV files. This tool was created and is maintained by high school students!

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