3rd Six Weeks Project

By: D.Wilson

This six weeks we have learned:

How to use a graphic organizer and what it is,The five senses and how to use them in a story,4 different types of narratives,and first person and third person stories.

We use graphics organizers to:

We use graphic organizers to help us write our story's and to organize them the way we want.

The five senses that we use are:

1.Sight: We use sight to help the reader visualize what that object is.

2.Smell: We use smell to help the reader understand what we smell.

3.Taste: We use taste to help the reader understand the taste of what it

4.Touch: We use touch or feeling to help the reader understand what the character is feeling

5.Sound: We use sound to help the reader have a better understanding of that the character is hearing

The four types of stories we have gone over are:

Science fiction: science fiction is stories that wouldn't happen and has more of a scientific feeling to it like star was, star trek, and doctor who.

Mystery: mystery stories has more of a suspenseful feeling yet could be true and fiction.

Fantasy: fantasy stories has more of a happy feeling and all time fiction.

Time travel: time travel is pretty self explanatory, its always a fiction story and cam have whatever feeling you want.

The two point of views we have learned are:

First person: first person is telling the storie form the main character's point of view.

Third person: third person is telling the storie from a narrator point of view.