The Christmas Truce


What will happen!

On December 30th 1914 will be hosting a Christmas Truce party, where we will sit around the bon-fire, light Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols. When we have the party we will be inviting all of the soldiers families but once they leave they have to go back to war.

The Christmas Truce

Wednesday, Dec. 30th 1914 at 10pm

No Mans Land


12:00am-1:00pm- sit around the bonfire

1:30-2:00- tell stories

2:30-3:00- light Christmas Trees

4:30-5:00- eat food

7:00-9:00- sing christmas carols

Party City inc.

We are a party planning group that is located in Bridgeport, WV. We will plan any where from Bridgeport to No Mans Land!