Smore and Resources


This would be a great resource for finding Youtube videos and picking a section to show. I think this would be very helpful when you find a whole concert video but want to show only one section. All you have to do a select the video, cut it, and then share it with all of your friends.

Classic Cat

I have always heard people mention this site but never found out what it was until now! This website would be a good introductory resource for students not familiar with classical music. The top 100 composers at listed with pieces and recordings for each.


Noteflight is such an amazing resource. Notation software can cost up to $600 and student discounts are $300. That is something most normal students wouldn't buy and school would most likely have limited resources. Noteflight would be awesome to use in a theory class when students are making small compositions and need to share them.

Music Theory

Music Theory can be a difficult subject because the ideas seem to foreign to people sometimes. This would be a great place for students to go outside of the classroom in order to get practice in some of the basics of theory.

National Anthems

I found this to be an interesting resource. Teachers would have to be in a specific lesson to use this but it be very cool. Each continent is split into their countries. Each national anthem is given in mp3 and the lyrics are also available.


Electronic has slowly been taking over the music industry and is now being put into our schools. This is a free website for creating electronic music online and then sharing it. It mainly uses loops and a Garageband style editing to create the music. Hobnox, made by audiotool, would be a great place to look when wanting to start doing electronic music.


Who doesn't like free music? This website is all free music but no downloads. When you visit the homepage, you can begin by selecting the mood or activity that you are currently in. It will then give you different options of music to fit your life at the moment. This is a great way to discover and search for new music.


This is another resource to search and discover any new music. You can find just about anything you need on this site. The part that I really like about this is that you can do a full online backup of your current iTunes library. I have never heard of this! Not only could you have an external hard drive, but having an account on Moof would allow you to access it about anywhere.


Jitterbug is a music video iPad app that is geared towards young children. It is an endless library of music videos that are very kid friendly. Kids are able to easily navigate through the library and show themselves all of the music videos. They can keep busy while you are away!


Audacity is used for recording and editing sounds. You can also put it any mp3 and edit from there. The possibilities are endless. I have heard of people using it to slow down the music without altering pitch...great for learning new music!

Music Theory Guy

This Youtube user and a great library and music theory lessons. He goes through just about every aspect of music theory and gives detailed videos to teach them. These could be briefly used in the classroom and also at home.


I like this resource for finding out about new and upcoming folk music. Crackerfarm is a videographer that films music videos that are very low budget but high in musical and poetic value. This would be good for classes dealing with song composition and even English classes that are analyzing poetry.

Vic Firth

Vic Firth has an awesome percussion education website but also a great Youtube channel. Percussionists can find drum set, percussion ensemble, jazz, mallet, and marching percussion. They feature performances and lesson videos by top educators and performers.

Evelyn Glennie - How To Listen

This TED Talk can be very eye opening to many musicians. She is a deaf percussionists that has made a career by performing and educating. She gives an outstanding presentation on how to fully listen and appreciate music.

Ken Burns - Jazz

This is the ultimate documentary that fully covers the history and life of jazz music. Ken Burns is one of the top documentary makers of our time. This video is narrated by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and goes from the beginning all of the way until now. I have included the link to the first part of the series which will lead you to the rest!

Vic Firth Drumset

Lots and lots of video lessons for drum set from all of the pros!

Vic Firth Marching Percussion

Performances and lesson videos from Vic Firth! Top drum corps and educators give you the in and outs of snare, tenors, bass, and cymbals.

Vic Firth Concert Percussion

Concert percussion can be a very foreign subject to some kids and this is a great place to go. Lesson videos will provide great value to the students education.

Low End Music Theory

Great music theory lessons that are able to be given in podcast format.

NPR Concerts

NPR provides free music through the concerts they hold in their offices. There are so many different artists that come through to play for them! They are always updating so there are always new tunes to listen to!