Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Renaissance artist

By Emily Adams


Pieter Brueghel the Elder was born in 1525 in Breda, Netherlands and died on September ninth in Brussels Belgium. Middle aged, Brueghel moved to Brussels and stayed there until he died. He spent the majority of his life there. Although he did not have very much of an education, Brueghel was a vey sucessful painter. He was an independant man and did paintings and designed engravings. He grew up in the time when northern art was influenced by Italian mannerism. Pieter made pieces such as Big Fish Eat Little Fish, Combat of the Carnival and Lent, and Netherlandish Proverbs. In the Netherlands, he stayed at the house of Hieronymus Cock and later in life, he made paintings for Niclaes Jonghelinck.

The Work

The piece below is called Return of the Hunters and it was created in 1565. It is currently in the Kunsthistorisches museum in Austria. There were not really any new tequiniques used in this painting, but naturalism and perspectivism are shown. I really like this piece because it shows light and interesting colors, it is made with oils, and it is very calming to look at. It is peaceful because of the background of the mountains, and the people happily skating below. This piece displays naturalism and perspectivism. It is mostly naturalism because of how it was made with oils, the choice of colors, and how its scene is in the winter and it is shown outdoors.
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