REFRESH Newsletter

Vol. 5, April 6, 2015

Week 5 Tip: Using Gmail PART 1

Welcome back, and we hope everyone is feeling "REFRESHED" after Spring Break!

Several months ago, it was shared with everyone that you should start to make the transition from "Mac Mail" (the postage stamp) to Google Mail (Gmail) through your browser. Many of you have made this change but for those who have not, this week's tip is to remind you again of this change and help you start to make the transition. Next week, we will get into more specifics of moving mail if you need to do this. Gmail more secure and it's backed up automatically.

Below is a video introducing you to gmail, if you need additional help, please see your Media Coordinator, ITF or Help Desk Manager.

Using Gmail through your browser

Here is a quick tutorial.

Visit to login to your MGSD Gmail Account