The Amazing Piney Wood Trees!

by: Brandon Muntean

What are piney woods?

Piney wood's are huge trees that are located in the forest, they are usually around swamps. they grow the most around east texas.

school, smith road. piney woods. 2013. Photograph. n.p. Web. 31 Oct 2013

Piney Woods erosion

First the tree gets weathered and stuff and the wind carry's the sediment away. or animals can can break it down and use it for there home, for examples beavers can take the bark of and branches and us it to make there home/damn.

fun facts about piney woods

Piney Woods weathering

Usually rainfall weathers this down, but animals, and people do too! for example wood peckers, they make nest in the tree year after year,

it destroys the tree. humans cut down the tree's also.

unknown auther,, this website made in 2013

Piney Woods deposition

They do this by decomposing by constantly weathering. Then when it falls down, and when it rains, it will break it down even more!

What do people have to do with this amazing tree?

People don't really have anything to do about these but some might be really interested about them so they might have them around there house. People who usually live in the forest in east Texas live around them. People also can cut these trees down and use them to built there home, or to make paper for school's or job's.

What do animals have to do with it?!

these tree's are not really what animals can use, but Birds can build a nest in the tree and live there witch includes owls. other animals can use it to eat the leafs or use it for there homes.

Keep Texas Wild: Pineywoods - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Why should you visit these trees?

I think you should visit these trees because they are absolutely amazing, a lot of animals use the trees for there home and most importantly they are beautiful!!


I hope you enjoy this fun information about piney woods! i hope it gave you the info you needed!! THANKS!