my year at a glance.

victoria :)

about me!

my name is victoria zuniga, i am 16 years old, and i am a sophomore at frenship high school. i live my life for God and Him only. i have 2 happily married parents (19 years and counting) and 3 siblings. my older sister, mariah, is 18 years old, my little brother, adrian, is 11 years old, and my youngest sister, evey, is 7 years old. im basically just your average, overly dramatic teenage girl. i live and BREATHE music. i can listen to pretty much anything, from indie music to broadway soundtracks, and everything in between.. except rap.. ok, anyways, music is there when no one else is. i dont think i can think of a time when it hasnt gotten me through any situation. after high school, im moving to new york city to go to college at either nyu or juilliard. i like to dream big. im a singer and i definitely want to persue a career involved with singing. preferably broadway. i literally LONG to be performing on the stage every second of every day. the feeling i get when im on stage is a feeling unlike any other. i love the vibes i get from the audience and the energy that just come out. i like getting pretend to be someone else and being able to add my own twist on a character. i would say my true personality comes out when im performing. ive met very few people who share the same passion but i dont think anyone wants it more than i do. my favorite broadway shows include (in order) the phantom of the opera, les miserables, wicked, sweeny todd, hairspray, ect. christine daae (the leading lady in phantom of the opera) is my ABSOLUTE dream role and i WILL be her on broadway; i believe that. im not the type of person that lets people stop her from chasing her dream. im just gonna be honest and say that i am an absolute DIVA when it comes to singing and i love a good competition.

my year.

this year has been rough at times, yet all around amazing year. i met a lot of new people and have accomplished so much. we, as a choir, also just got done putting on les mis and i must say, we didnt just put it on, we NAILED it. les mis will forever be a huge accomplishment in my life. almost every new person i met this year was in the les mis cast and im INCREDIBLY close to everyone who was in it. it takes a lot for me to be close with someone, so that was an accomplishment as well.

dream vacation.

my dream vacation is going to london. i want to go there soooo bad, and most would say it just because of one direction.. okay.. maybe a little.. but i have always had a love for the brits ;)
One Direction - Over Again ( Lyrics + Pictures )