Colombian and Venezuelan Culture

Colombia (background info)

Colombia is a country in Northwestern South America. It is the only country in South America that has a coast on both Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Colombia's landscape contains the Andes Mountains and the lowland plains. The capital of Colombia is Bogotá, which lies in the middle of the Andes mountains. The official language is Spanish.

Religion in Colombia?

The people's main religion is Roman Catholic, which they practice very actively. Some, however, became Protestant from the early 1900s. Colombia allows their citizens to have whichever religion they like.

Clothing in Colombia?

Most people wear the American and European style of clothing, but high up in the Andes, where the wind is blowing, the Colombians were ruanas. Ruanas are blankets with a slit in the middle for the head.

Food in Colombia?

The food varies from region to region, but in general Colombian's eat starchy food such as noodles, potatoes, and rice. They also like thick soups and stews. Colombia's favorite soup is called ajiaco. It's made of cassava root, chicken, corn, and potatoes. Poor Colombians don't eat a lot of meat, because it is somewhat expensive; but they eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are relatively inexpensive.

Colombian Traditions?

Colombians like to play soccer in their free time, it is a major part of their culture. Bullfighting is also a popular sporting event. The beaches draw sunbathers and swimmers enjoy the Caribbean coast and cyclists enjoy the steep Andes Mountains. Their are various folk songs and dances that Colombians preserved and practice today.

(this is a video of Colombian folk music)

Venezuela (Background info)

Venezuela is a country on the North coast of South America. There are mountains in the Northwestern part of Venezuela. The plains spread across across most of central Venezuela and plateaus cover the south. The capital city is Caracas and the official language is Spanish.

Religion in Venezuela?

Most Venezuelans are Roman Catholic. Some Venezuelans have other religions because the Constitution guarantees the right for the people to practice what ever religion they would like.

Food in Venezuela?

The main food in Venezuela are black beans, a type of banana called plantain, and rice. These foods are usually eaten with beef, pork, poultry, or fish. Venezuelan traditional bread is called arepa, which is round and made out of corn meal. The national dish of Venezuela is the hallaca, which is normally served during the Christmas holidays. Hallacas are made with corn meal and a lot f different food. The hallacas are wrapped with plantain leaves.

Venezuelan Traditions?

Venezuelans like to play baseball and soccer in their free time. Venezuelans enjoy music and dancing. Venezuelans enjoy dances such as the salsa and the merengue and guaracha. The Venezuelan national folk dance is the joropo. Rock music is popular among the Venezuelans. Many Venezuelan writers and artists have become famous internationally. The best known writer is Romulo Gallegos. He was president of the country in 1948. His books such as Doña Bárbara and Canaima and Pobre Negro depict the different regions of Venezuela. Some of the artists are Alejandro Otero and Jesùs Soto.