Friday Notes for LMS Staff

November 17, 2017

No Friday Notes next week! Enjoy your holiday break!

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Binder check for Wednesday, November 29 ELA

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, November 20: No Leadership

Monday, November 27: Leadership

Wednesday, November 29: CAB planning time

Congratulations Ms. Hrubik for being our Teacher of the Year!

Flex Time Classes for 3rd Quarter Classes

Please sign up for your 3rd Quarter Course Offering starting on January 9th. We do have a few outside groups coming for that section. Please note that hands-on classes are the most popular.

Grab Bags

I have grab bags of 30 pieces of candy that you can come get for your homeroom class for PRIDE card rewards. I recommend that only students that have their PRIDE cards to get the reward. The grab bags are in my closet in brown paper bags.

Middle School Collaboration Days

The following departments will meet for collaboration days at Norman High School in room 703. Please get with Linda to get a subcode. Please do not wait to put in for a sub. As soon as you get the code, put it into SmartFind.

  • October 30 & December 1: Science Department
  • October 16 & November 13: Language Arts Department
  • October 23 & November 17: Math Department
  • November 6: Social Studies Department

Save the Date

The annual staff Christmas party is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13. More information coming soon.

No Learner Success Meetings on November 21st

Both teachers will be in flex time on November 21st.

Message from Davina

I wanted to just touch base with you all. I have had some recent feedback about pulling students from their core classes to work on homework. In the event that I do send a pink pass to a student during a core class, or a student asks to come to me, it is always at the teacher's discretion to send them. I have told my student's that they must always ask their teacher and have their teacher's permission to come to my classroom. If there is extra time in a class, they are always welcome to come to my classroom with your permission. Please let me know if there are any issues with students asking to come to my classroom. Your guidance as to how I can best be of service to the student in my program is greatly appreciated. You know them better than I since you see them every day!

Please Help with Classroom Aids!

Students who are classroom aids should remain in your class. They should not be going to PE or the office.